About Us

Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Mick Hancock and I am the owner of Dr Phone; your number one screen repair service in the Eaton, Australind and Bunbury area. I am dedicated to giving you the very best quality screen replacements as well as good customer service; let us do the running around for you!

As a kid growing up I always enjoyed pulling things apart to see what was inside. Regarding this as just a hobby I went a different direction in my working life and for a long time I had jobs that served to pay the bills. My lightbulb moment came after an interesting chat with someone who inspired me to go back to school and change direction. To find a job you really enjoy doing, it’s so important!

I re-discovered my passion for technology, how much fun is it still to pull things apart and see what’s inside?! I started doing smartphone screen repairs a few years back and got so much enjoyment out of the job that I decided to start my own business.

Our phones are so important these days; most of us use them for almost everything. Don’t put up with a cracked screen any longer. Get a quote now and get it fixed; you deserve it!

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!


Executive team

  • Mick Hancock