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Services Available

Screen Repair

If you have a broken touch screen display, we will have your device fixed in no time. We use high quality parts to make your device look as good as new. Choose quality over quantity with repairers you can trust.

Camera Replacement

Few people carry a camera as a separate device today. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all. If your camera is in need of replacement you have come to the right place.

Button Replacement

Have you left the home screen on your cell phone only to find out that you are unable to return? Broken home buttons are common and can completely disrupt your ability to operate your phone. We can repair just the home button on your phone.

Battery Replacement

Is your phone suffering from poor battery life? We understand it can be frustrating and stressful when you run out of power in the middle of a phone call or important email. If your phone doesn't seem to hold its charge anymore give us a call or request a quote today.

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